About Us

“I would like to see people more aware of where their food comes from. I would like to see small farmers empowered. I feed my daughter almost exclusively organic food.”

                                            Anthony Bourdain

                                            In a world full of chemically preserved food, canned calories and unhealthy junk, Kashmir Exotics stands apart. Located far from the urban rush and the maddening din of the cities, we tap into the pristine and pure resources of the Himalayas and present them in their raw natural state to the world.

                                            Our products are bred on glacial waters and mineral rich environments and promote a healthy way of living.

                                            At our core, we encourage people in eating from what the nature provides, rather than what is manufactured by artificial and man made processes. We are YOUR presence in Kashmir and Himalayas - handpicking everything healthy and natural the beautiful region has to offer.

                                            WELCOME TO KASHMIR EXOTICS

                                            Our products are naturally grown, harvested and packed by 200+ Himalayan farmers and become a means of sustainable livelihood for them, besides nourishing your body with the best.

                                            Chemical Free Food

                                            Natural & Healthy Products

                                            FSSAI Certified


                                            Providing sustainable livelihood to the Himalayan grower

                                              Providing healthy lifestyle to an aware customer.


                                                    To build a platform where customers are provided natural solutions for their health needs.

                                                          To curate a line of chemical-free products grown and processed by local Himalayan growers. 

                                                          WHAT SETS US APART?

                                                              100% Chemical Free Products

                                                              Our products are free from chemicals and harmful preservatives. You get to eat the pure-unharmed version of your food.

                                                              Presence in The Himalayas

                                                                  We are based in the Himalayas. Our team personally curates the most genuine and healthy foods from Kashmir and Ladakh for you. 

                                                                  Premium Quality

                                                                        All our foods are grown, harvested and packed through a hygienic process and stringent quality checks are done at each stage to ensure premium quality. 

                                                                        Shipped From Kashmir

                                                                              Our products are freshly packed and shipped directly from their origins - Kashmir. 

                                                                              BENEFITS FOR YOU

                                                                              Healthy and natural foods for an all aware but busy customer like you.

                                                                              You get to maintain a healthy lifestyle without any hassles.

                                                                              You get what you are promised. 

                                                                                  BENEFITS FOR FARMERS

                                                                                  They get a fair wage, unlike the market norms.

                                                                                    They are empowered with a sustainable livelihood.

                                                                                          Their passion reaps them their due share of recognition and respect. 

                                                                                              A Tribute to The Health Conscious Customer:

                                                                                              Here’s to the health conscious - everyday, while at work, you struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And everyday, you end up breaking the resolution. Finding chemical free and natural food is time consuming, especially when you have so many tasks to complete.

                                                                                              We understand your dilemma. We see your plight. We strive to make life a little easy for you by curating the healthiest of foods.

                                                                                                  And till we do that, take care of yourself!