Dried Green Peaches for Fighting Diseases

Full with the basic vitamins and minerals, dried green peaches are a source of niacin, vitamin E and copper. Additionally, these are full of calories as 150 grams of it brings you nearly 58 calories. Additionally, you get protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber in good quantities. Thus, consuming dried green peaches brings you almost all nutrients that your body needs.

Apart from Vitamin E and vitamin K, dried green peaches also contain Copper which is essential for purification of the body from the toxins that cause severe diseases. Similarly, these are rich with Manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and some B vitamins which are all considered important for immunity.

Antioxidants to Fight against Major Diseases

Apart from being good in taste, dried green peaches are also known for offering some medicinal value as these are packed with antioxidants. Thus, with the regular intake you are able to combat oxidative damage and protect your body against aging and diseases. These can easily be made part of your morning snack.

You can carry them in a box wherever you go and eat as and when feel hungry for taste and nutrition. Ordering your packet to delivered at your address is just easy now, just a click away!

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Dried Green Peaches 400 gms

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